Coming Out Of the Closet: A Reflection

You already think you know what this reflection is about, don’t you? Well, you are wrong. Coming out of one’s closet can mean so many things to so many people.

Over the past year many closets have been opened up to me. Some were opened to reveal depression and suicidal thoughts, some revealed fears of going insane, some were unlocked to expose feeling stupid after a diagnosis of ADHD, some were painfully opened to discuss marital crisis, some exposed social anxiety, some were hesitantly undone to admit to feeling alone, some unbolted to admit to an addiction, sadly many were cracked ajar so a discussion could begin about feeling a crippling sense of shame and yes, some were flung open to proclaim one’s sexuality.

Throughout these conversations, I was frequently aware of how blessed I was to have parents who loved me unconditionally and told me that I could “always come home.” Imagine that? Having the certainty of always being able to come home?  That sense of being embraced no matter what human failure I encountered, no matter how I blundered, or hurt, or how much shame I was sitting with was a blessing words cannot possibly describe.

As the Holiday Season is upon us, perhaps now can be a time of renewal, of forgiveness, of possibility, of hope, of understanding, and of love. Think of it as collectively pushing a big reset button. We probably all need a reset of some kind and we likely all have the power to push a reset for someone in our lives. Maybe the button we need to push is hidden behind that door held deeply within ourselves. Wherever those closets exist, lets open those doors, let the knowledge that we are, after all, only human, shine within and air out the despair and self-contempt that may reside within.

I wish for all of you peace over the days and weeks ahead.