Walter Sherburne has significant experience speaking to groups and organizations on a wide variety of topics. Here is a partial list of topics Walter can present:

  • Why we have done the things we "should" have done
  • Rockaholism: Why we sometimes can't put down the burdens we carry
  • Parenting children with ADHD
  • Men and relationships
  • Untangling the emotional vines of ADHD: anxiety, depression & self-esteem
  • Adult ADHD
  • ADHD & Children in foster care
  • The Impact of technology on young people
  • Here are some of the organizations that have asked Walter to present:
  • ADHD Foundation of Canada: Annual Conference in Ottawa
  • US News & World Report
  • Connecticut Valley State Hospital
  • Boston University
  • Massachusetts Department of Children & Families
  • Boston College
  • Maryland Teen Initiative
  • The Ted & Ellen Show: WRKO, Boston
  • Communities fro People, Inc.
  • Acton/Boxborough Regional School District
  • SABES Summer Institute
  • Danvers Pact
  • Danvers PACT
  • Mentor, Inc.
— Very personable and engaging speaker.
— Speaker was highly effective.
— Great job. I learned a lot about myself.
— This presenter was excellent.
— He was very knowledgeable and passionate about his work.
— Audience feedback