Most everyone struggles from time to time with depression or anxiety. Sometimes, we just need to be around other people who understand how stressful life can be. Feelings of sadness or worry or loneliness are frequently related to past experiences that burden us and keep us from finding the joy that we very much want and need. A group experience offers participants a reflective experience, in that, what we sometimes can't see in ourselves, we often can see in others. Groups offer individuals connection, understanding, support and a real opportunity to become who they want to be.

Sherburne Counseling therapy groups may be posted here as they are offered, but you can always contact Betsy Fanchiang for information of all available groups.

When I joined Walters group, I was filled with embarrassment and shame. What I gained was insight, awareness and self acceptance. The group sessions were comforting, nonthreatening, informative and enlightening.
— Group Participant