Unsuccessful communication between partners and among family members nearly always results in unnecessary stress, conflict and division. The roots of strife need to be explored and understood before new and successful patterns of interaction can be established. When family members can identify common needs and goals through effective communication, tension lessens and needs are met. No one wants to live in a chaotic relationship. We all do best when we feel loved, supported and that we belong.

One thought comes to mind when I think about the impact that Walter Sherburne has had on our family, since my son was diagnosed with ADHD: life-changing. Our son’s fear and self-doubt have been replaced with increasing hope and self-confidence, and our family is once again becoming just that…a family. Walter has a special gift that allows him to positively impact not only those seeking his help, but even more importantly, those who do not even realize that they are in need of help.
— Parent of an ADHD Child