I came to Tricia for help during a very difficult time in my life. Life seemed unmanageable and out of control; I did not know where to begin. Under her guidance, I was able to tackle one by one the things that were overwhelming me. Tricia helped me form a plan which gave me the impetus to deal with these situations and move forward. I gained tremendous insight through her questions and regained my sense of autonomy and peace.

Life is not easy, but I am very grateful to have received Tricia’s help and guidance to recoup my ability to engage in life in positive and fulfilling ways. Tricia is highly skilled and throughout our meetings was accessible and compassionate. I am grateful for this.
— Former Client
Tricia is an exceptional therapist — very detailed, thoughtful and empathetic. She cares tremendously for her patients and is quite dedicated, and she has substantial expertise in the area of women’s mental health. I would highly recommend her to anyone and have complete confidence in her skills.
— Margo Nathan, MD, Division of Women's Mental Health, Department of Psychiatry at Brigham and Women's Hospital; Instructor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School